I am Ingrid, female, from Germany, 71 years, living since 12 years in India. In the age of 25 a German dentist promised me, with 30 I will not... Read More


Myself and my wife have seen Dr. Vijailakshmi Acharya for our dental care over the past 3 years. I find the office staff to be cordial and the... Read More
Vallabhaneni, M.D.,

Diplomate, American Board of Surgery, New Jersey, USA

Normally even the toughest man dreads a visit to the dentist. I have been visiting the Clinic forward a long time. It's a warm, welcoming... Read More
Mohan Menon

Mohan Menon


Spreading Smiles

Justin* walked into Acharya Dental with a question. Why, he asked, does my smile does not look right? He had... Read More

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Dr Vijayalakshmi Acharya
Dr. Vijailakshmi Acharya

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Dr. Varun Acharya

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